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New Samsung smart oven can be set with an Android app

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A Samsung "smart oven" will let you select one of 160 different cooking presets using an Android app.

Android Oven
Android Oven

We saw plenty of "smart" appliances back at CES, as well as an automatic induction range, but this app-controlled Samsung oven actually seems pretty useful. The MC368GAAW5A oven, so far released only in Korea, will let you use an Android app (optimized to 480 x 800 screens) to cook 160 different preset dishes, so long as it's connected to a Wi-Fi network. Besides these presets, the oven will also apparently give you the weight and caloric content of your food.

We're not completely clear on the app's full capabilities, or whether it will be able to work from a different Wi-Fi network than the one the oven's using. If it's local-only, this removes some of the inherent potential of a smartphone-controlled oven — you'll still probably be able to set a timer to start a dish cooking, but you won't be able to turn the oven on from outside the house or check to see if you've left it running by mistake. Even so, this is perhaps the first smart appliance that we could actually imagine using.