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Apple TV stock low, UK retailer PC World halts customer orders

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If you're interested in buying Apple's $99 Apple TV media streamer, your options are getting more limited -- a handful of major electronics retailers across the US and UK have it out of stock, with no sign of when it might be available.

Apple TV
Apple TV

It looks like Apple is getting ready to replace its $99 Apple TV media streamer — while still lists the device as available for next-day shipping, a reliable source told us that UK retailer PC World has informed its employees that they have no more units in stock and have no idea when more will arrive. Additionally, employees are also not supposed to order Apple TV units for customers who request them — typically PC World puts no time limit on fulfillment of customer orders, so it sounds like the retailer won't have them available again. Our tipster also let us know that PC World only typically does this when a new replacement product is on the way.

Further corroborating this evidence is the fact that major electronics retailers all around the US and UK have the Apple TV as completely out of stock, with no sign of when it might be available. In the US, Best Buy, Amazon, Target, and Fry's Electronics all list the Apple TV as unavailable; UK retailers PC World, John Lewis, Comet, and Richer Sounds are similarly out of stock. While there's no guarantee that Apple's "hobby" device is truly being replaced, it wouldn't surprise us to see a new Apple product for the living room soon.