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'Goosebumps' author RL Stine tweets a horror story

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Goosebumps author RL Stine has published a short horror story in a series of nine tweets.

Goosebumps Cover
Goosebumps Cover

Prolific horror author RL Stine, best known for creating the massively popular Goosebumps series for children, recently explored a new publishing platform: Twitter. On February 15th, he published a series of nine tweets over the course of about ten minutes; collected, they form a short story about an ominous kitchen sink. It's probably not going to keep you up at night, but Stine's style works well with the microblog format. Here's the first tweet below:

While Stine is one of only a few high-profile print authors to tell stories on Twitter, there are several sites and accounts devoted to online microfiction, including Nanoism, @VeryShortStory, and the now-defunct Thaumatrope. Stine's story itself is reminiscent of creepypasta, short horror stories meant to be copied and pasted on message boards. However, unlike either traditional Twitter fiction or creepypasta, the multi-tweet format creates a building tension that fits with Stine's Goosebumps-style storytelling. We're actually a little surprised that no tweets ended with his trademark false-alarm cliffhanger.