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Google Docs for Android updated with live edits, rich text, enhanced navigation

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Google Docs for Android has just received a much-needed update. The app now supports rich text formatting and it will show edits from other users in realtime. The update is available now in the Android Market.

Google Docs Android update improved (1020)
Google Docs Android update improved (1020)

Google Docs for Android phones and tablets has just received a much-needed update. While the search giant sated many by launching a native app last year (and by adding offline access earlier this month), it was really just an enhanced version of the mobile web app. This update most notably introduces live updates to mobile, just like the fully-fledged web app for PCs. This means that if you are collaborating with a colleague on a report, you'll be able to see their edits as they make them. Another major improvement is that rich text has finally made its way to the app, so you can do the oh-so-simple but oh-so-needed things, like bolding, italicizing, and underlining text. Editing has also been given a huge overhaul — it's now more than usable — and some fancy formatting like lists and indents are available now, too. Lastly, you can now easily use pinch-to-zoom to focus on one part or to get a view of the entire document. The update is sitting in the Android Market now, so you'd do well to get downloading if you use Google's cloud-based documents platform.