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WIMM One's Micro App Store beta now open: apps for your wristwatch

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WIMM Labs, developer of the Android-based WIMM One module, has announced a Micro App Store for offering apps that run on the platform.


WIMM Labs' WIMM One module can be combined with a strap to make inarguably the most powerful wristwatch on the market today, if for no other reason than the fact that it runs Android; developers can adapt their existing skill sets to quickly develop apps for it, and the capacitive color touchscreen and Wi-Fi support make a for a compelling platform. When developer kits first started shipping last November, WIMM didn't have a centralized app market in place, but that's changed this week with the launch of the Micro App Store beta.

Like the web clients for the Android Market and Windows Phone marketplace, WIMM's Micro App Store pushes selected apps from the catalog (via Wi-Fi only, not Bluetooth) down to the module. At current count there are some 25 apps ready for WIMM One owners to try out; the only catch is that there's no payment support yet, which means developers are stuck offering free apps for the moment. That'd discourage development on a larger platform, but for WIMM One — which is still strictly in the hands of tinkerers, hackers, and people looking to commercialize other hardware based on WIMM's technology — it probably isn't going to slow anyone down.