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Apple makes Oregon data center official

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Apple has confirmed the construction of a new data center in Prineville, Oregon.

apple maiden day 1020
apple maiden day 1020

Apple is bolstering its data center capacity in the US, as a representative from the company confirmed this week that a new facility was in the works for Prineville, Oregon. The new data center in the Beaver State was rumored last December, just a few months after Apple officially opened its long-rumored North Carolina operations. The company didn't give any details, but the deed for the property viewed by Oregon TV station KTVZ reveals that the facility will sit on a 160-acre parcel of land that was purchased for $5.6 million. Another point of interest: the deed was signed on February 15th, the same day the Oregon Senate passed legislation to give a tax break to data centers in the area. It was rumored that Apple was evaluating whether the location had enough "electricity" available, which could have been a synonym for "sweet, sweet tax exclusions."

Like its North Carolina counterpart, we wouldn't be surprised if Apple plans to pursue green initiatives in Oregon. However, while we know the NC center is the backbone of iCloud, it remains unclear what the purpose of the Oregon facility is. If we could offer a suggestion, we might let Siri hang out there to improve the service's uptime.