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Internet celebrities: prophets unrecognized in their own homes

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The New Inquiry has posted a conversation on newfound internet celebrity with Frank Warren of PostSecret and Hannah Hart of My Drunk Kitchen.

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fame paparazzi shutterstock 1020
fame paparazzi shutterstock 1020

Sudden internet celebrity is a bit of a double-edged sword, as Louis CK might say, and who better to ruminate on it than Frank Warren of PostSecret and Hannah Hart of My Drunk Kitchen? Over at The New Inquiry, the two internet-famous people shoot the breeze about the horrors of summer camp, being drunk on TV, keeping it authentic, and the lack of support they got from their families when starting out. For those not in the know, PostSecret is a site that compiles people’s secrets (submitted by postcard, hence the name), and My Drunk Kitchen is a blog-slash-YouTube series that’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like. If anyone out there is considering becoming internet famous, you could stand to learn something from these two.

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