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Sony's 350Mbps TransferJet LSI to debut in Android smartphones

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Sony is introducing the CXD3271GW, a TransferJet-compatible LSI which it says offers the highest receiving sensitivity in the industry.

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Sony is announcing the CXD3271GW today, a new TransferJet-compatible LSI (large-scale integrated circuit) which it says offers the highest receiving sensitivity in the industry. TransferJet is a budding standard, originally announced back in 2009, which promises touch-activated high-speed data transfers over short distances. While the TransferJet standard calls for a minimum receiving sensitivity of just -71dBm at Rate65 and -59dBm at Rate522, the CXD3271GW is capable of a far stronger -82dBm and -70dBm respectively. On top of this, the chip employs the SDIO UHS-I interface, which offers reliable transmission speeds of over 350Mbps in real world use when paired with a new device driver design, Sony says.

Sony is also announcing the development of a new SDK for Android to help promote the use of TransferJet in Android-powered handsets and tablets. Considering the current dominance of Android amongst the smartphone market this hardly seems like a surprising move to encourage adoption, especially if you consider Apple's notable absence from the TransferJet consortium and Sony's buyout of Sony Ericsson. The chip contains all of the RF switching tools necessary for the technology, which combined with significant power savings and its diminutive size, make it a perfect candidate for use in cellphones. Samples are shipping to manufacturers for testing now, but we can expect to see the technology demoed in Sony's handsets at MWC next week.