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Ice Cream Sandwich update for original Eee Pad Transformer available now (update)

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Asus has announced it is pushing out an OTA update to its Eee Pad Transformer that will bring Android 4.0 to the convertible tablet

Eee Pad Transformer
Eee Pad Transformer

Asus is pushing out an OTA update today for its Eee Pad Transformer, which finally brings Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to the tablet. In a statement made on its Facebook page the manufacturer said that the update will be available in Taiwan at first and will be sent to devices worldwide soon thereafter. Asus originally intended to release the update in early January but then delayed it till late January, mid-February, and then February / March. So while it's inaccurate to say Asus has delivered ICS on schedule, the company has at least stuck to its revised, rescheduled, delayed promise.

Update: Asus has tweeted that the update will be available in the US tomorrow.