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NHK developing 8K ultra HD image sensor that shoots at 120 fps

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NHK is working on a new image sensor for ultra HDTVs that can shoot at 120 FPS, double that of current UHDTV technology.

NHK image sensor
NHK image sensor

Japan's national broadcasting organization, NHK, has announced development of an 8K image sensor that can shoot at 120 frames per second, double what's been achievable with UHDTV technology so far. To cope with the faster speed, as well as the added pixels of UHDTV — or "super hi-vision," as NHK calls it — NHK and partner Shizuoka University had to develop two new circuits. An analog-digital converter circuit is used to transform analog data into a digital signal, while the second circuit outputs the digital signal from the sensor. The new image sensor is also both smaller and consumes less power than its predecessors — though we can expect these specs to continue to improve long before UHDTVs ever hit retail, a dream that's still years away.