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Dennis Woodside to replace Sanjay Jha as Motorola Mobility CEO, Bloomberg says

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Dennis Woodside
Dennis Woodside

Bloomberg is reporting that Google's Dennis Woodside — who replaced Tim Armstrong following his departure to run AOL — has been selected by the company to succeed Sanjay Jha as Motorola Mobility's CEO, according to "three people familiar with the matter." Woodside is already a senior vice president at Google, so the move isn't much of a promotion; in fact, he'd already been leading the integration effort, so it's a logical fit. It might come as a surprise that current CEO Jha is apparently being shown the door so quickly, though, following the impending close of the acquisition. Neither Google nor Motorola would comment on the matter.

For what it's worth, Jha has been extraordinarily successful financially in his tenure — he is receiving a $66 million package as part of the acquisition — and it would appear likely that this announcement won't be coming as a surprise to him. Woodside's selection from within Google's own ranks seems to suggest that Google is on a path to consolidating power between the two organizations, so the question is: just how independent will Motorola ultimately be?