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Google unhappy with Google Music adoption, says CNET

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A new report claims that Google is unhappy with the early performance of Google Music, which has seen lower than expected revenue and adoption.

Google Music hands-on
Google Music hands-on

According to a report from CNET, Google isn't happy with the early performance of its music service. Though Google Music only came out of beta in November, the report cites unnamed sources within Google as saying that both revenue and adoption of the service are below expectations — reportedly enough that Google's music partners are concerned. Google managed to join forces with major record labels like Sony Music Entertainment and Universal at launch, though Warner has infamously stayed away from the service. In January, outgoing Warner chairman Edgar Bronfman, Jr. derided Google's strategy, stating that it "has to decide whether or not it wants to have a content platform." Google is also reportedly expanding its musical reach to hardware with a wireless entertainment device for streaming music, which will almost definitely support Google Music — but whether such a device will be the catalyst that the platform needs remains to be seen.