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Asus promises 'twice the detail, twice the fun' with Mobile World Congress teaser video

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Asus has posted a teaser video promoting its February 27th Mobile World Congress event on its YouTube page.

Asus MWC teaser
Asus MWC teaser

We mentioned in our Mobile World Congress preview that Asus would be making its presence felt in Barcelona next week, and the company has now posted a teaser video to reinforce that sentiment. Clocking in at 17 seconds, the brief clip doesn't spoil much of anything. What it does seem to indicate is a focus on increased resolution and/or pixel density. The spot features a wooden box containing a number of colored balls that quickly multiply into a much denser group, in turn presenting a more detailed look at what ultimately appears to be an Android tablet homescreen of some sort. With Apple expected to soon take the wraps off an iPad 3 complete with "Retina" 2048 x 1536 resolution, it would seem Asus is also set to make display quality a top priority going forward.

What product this teaser could be referencing is more of a toss up. One possibility is the upcoming TF700 variant of its Transformer Prime which will offer a Full HD 1080p display. As for other options, we expect a production-ready version of the company's Padfone to be shown at MWC, but haven't seen any concrete evidence that it will be carrying a high-resolution 720p or greater screen. Additional speculation points to a proper sequel for the original Transformer tablet, which could serve as a lower-priced alternative to the Transformer Prime. Thankfully we'll find out in short order: the Asus event at Mobile World Congress takes place February 27th. Until then, we've embedded the clip below for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks, iCello!