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TI shows OMAP 5 dual-core chip beating quad-core A9 in benchmark test

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Texas Instruments has demonstrated the speed of its upcoming OMAP 5 processor with a video comparing it to a quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor.

TI processor comparison
TI processor comparison

Texas Instruments has released a video that shows just how fast the fifth generation of its OMAP smart multicore processor is. The video pits the OMAP 5 against a quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor (quite possibly the Tegra 3), and compares how fast the two processors can render HTML5 web pages, while simultaneously playing MP3s and downloading video. TI's processor appears to be significantly faster when it comes to browsing graphically rich web sites, which is surprising considering it comes packed with two ARM Cortex-A15 processors running at 800MHz compared to the Cortex-A9's 1.3GHz. The OMAP 5 is designed for upcoming smartphones and tablets and could possibly start popping up in devices later this year. We should be able to get a closer look at the OMAP 5 in person very soon though, as TI will be showing it off at Mobile World Congress, which kicks off next week.