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iOS-linked Tongue Drive System gives wireless control to paralyzed patients

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Georgia Tech researchers have developed a new prototype of their Tongue Drive System, which is mounted on a dental retainer and allows paralyzed people to control various devices through an iOS interface.

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tongue drive
tongue drive

Georgia Tech has been working on its Tongue Drive System for a while now, enabling people with spinal cord injuries to independently operate various devices with their teeth and tongue. While previous versions of the device were described as "grotesque" and frequently got dislodged, requiring recalibration, the research team has developed a new prototype that's mounted on an inconspicuous retainer similar to those used in orthodontics. The system sends output signals to an iOS device, which interprets positional data from sensors and the magnet attached to the tongue, and this can be used to control anything from mouse cursors to electric wheelchairs. Testing on able-bodied people is due to start soon, with a view to moving onto clinical trials once complete.