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TiVo transcoder and IP-based set-top box coming 'by the end of summer,' announces Pace partnership

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TiVo will release two set top boxes by the end of summer 2012 offering more streaming options to its DVR customers.

TiVo prototype
TiVo prototype

Nestled within TiVo's surprisingly decent fourth quarter results was a statement from CEO Tom Rogers, who said that "By the end of the summer, we’ll further that lead with the addition of the four-stream transcoder and an IP-STB." If that sounds like a confusing mess of acronyms to you, let us translate. The four-stream transcoder is likely to be the commercial version of the box that we previewed at CES. It will allow you to wirelessly stream content from your TiVo DVR to an iPad or to wirelessly sideload that same content for later viewing. The IP-STB is a box that sits somewhere between a TiVo and a Roku or Boxee box, offering the same TiVo streaming but also potentially offering direct access to video content from internet sources or even cable companies, and it will likely retail under the name TiVo Preview.

Those fourth quarter numbers, by the way, included an increase of 234,000 new subscribers, many of which came from deals TiVo has struck (and is still striking) with cable providers. Both revenue and net income were up for the quarter, but business isn't good enough yet to keep TiVo from forecasting a net loss for next quarter.

Update: The time-shifting news continues with an announcement of a TiVo and Pace partnership that will port TiVo software to Pace's set-top boxes and gateways. According to the joint press release, the move will "further enable operators around the world to quickly and cost-effectively deploy the renowned TiVo consumer experience to a selection of Pace devices." Pace will offer its implementation globally with initial product coming to cable operators in "the Americas."