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PSA: Samsung settles in class action lawsuit over faulty TVs (updated)

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Samsung has settled over a class action lawsuit related to faulty capacitors in its TVs.

Samsung Logo 1020
Samsung Logo 1020

Following a class action lawsuit over defective TVs, Samsung has announced details of the settlement. The lawsuit was taken out in response to an alleged issue with capacitor components, resulting in certain models of TV not turning on, cycling on and off, making clicking sounds, and other problems. Samsung denies any wrongdoing in the affair, but is settling to avoid a protracted and likely more expensive legal battle. Owners of affected models can claim up to $300 in repair expenses, or compensation if their set was never fixed. While the settlement explicitly relates to sets manufactured before the end of 2008, a spokeperson confirmed to DailyTech that all sets made since 2006 will be covered regardless of warranty state — assuming of course that they suffer from the faults. If you think you may have been affected, check the source link below for a list of models and how to make a claim.

Update: Samsung has reached out to clarify that approximately 1 percent of the Samsung televisions sold in the US between 2006 and 2008 suffered from capacitor-related issues, and that the company has already been voluntarily repairing them free of charge since discovering the problems in 2010.