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UK folding plug becomes a reality, shipping for £25 on February 28th

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Brits will be able to purchase a folding plug at the end of the month, to replace the traditional bulky three-pin plugs for smartphone devices.

MU folding plug
MU folding plug

If you have travelled to Britain or live in one of the four countries that form the United Kingdom, then you'll have some experience with British plugs. The three-pin power plug used in the UK and Hong Kong is as respected a tradition as fish and chips takeaways and Earl Grey, but its size has always been a massive issue. South Korea-born Min-Kyu Choi, who studied product design at London's Royal College of Art, decided to do something about that problem and created a folding plug concept in 2009.

Choi's prototype has now reached reality and is available for pre-order, shipping February 28th. Although the new "Mu" plug simply works as a USB adapter for smartphones, the slender package will likely appeal to travellers and commuters who have to carry bulky USB chargers in Britain. The final design isn't as slimline as the original concept but it's still an innovative space saving improvement on the existing chunky plugs. We would love to see these ship as standard with smartphones, but for now you'll be able to pick one up for £25 at the end of the month.