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Fraunhofer announces Full-HD voice technology over LTE

Fraunhofer announces Full-HD voice technology over LTE


Fraunhofer is introducing its Full-HD voice codec for LTE calling at this year's MWC.

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Fraunhofer IIS has announced that it's bringing its Full-HD voice technology, which uses an advanced version of the AAC-ELD codec, to LTE networks to drastically improve the quality of voice calls. Traditional GSM and CDMA calls are highly compressed to save bandwidth, with frequencies capped at 3.5kHz, which results in voices sounding deadened and often clouded by background noise. Current HD Voice solutions (being trialled in a number of markets) up this to 7kHz. In contrast, Fraunhofer's Full-HD can transmit sounds of up to 20kHz — beyond the reach of most adult hearing.

Full-HD is already in use in a number of VoIP solutions, but the company believes that with LTE becoming more widespread and networks investing into Voice over LTE (VoLTE), mobile networks are now more capable of bearing these heavier voice streams. The company is demonstrating the new technology on Android handsets at MWC next week in hope that companies will adopt the technology in their future products. For those of you not making your way to Barcelona there's also an online demo, allowing you to hear the difference Full-HD can make.