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Microsoft launches 'Your Account' consolidated billing portal

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Microsoft has unveiled a centralized billing account for its various online services.

Microsoft Your Account
Microsoft Your Account

Microsoft has unveiled its latest steps towards a simplified account and brand process across its various products. "Microsoft Your Account" is a new version of the company's Billing Account Management portal, and allows Hotmail, Office, Zune, Xbox 360, and Windows Phone users to track their subscriptions and transactions in one single billing portal. First spotted by Rafael Rivera, the new portal is a simplified and centralized version of what the company has offered in separate portals.

We have heard that Microsoft is using the "Microsoft Account" branding in Windows 8 instead of Windows Live ID, and Microsoft's latest billing portal appears to confirm that the company is working towards some type of consolidation and single point of billing and logon. Microsoft says the site is still under construction and that some features "are not completely migrated," hinting that additional services may make their way to Microsoft Your Account in future.