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HTC One S checked out ahead of Mobile World Congress debut?

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Purported images of the HTC One S and One X have surfaced just a few days before the company's Mobile World Congress event.

HTC One X One S leaked image ITProPortal
HTC One X One S leaked image ITProPortal

All signs point to new HTC hardware being unveiled at Mobile World Congress, and the leaks continue today with additional details on the so-called One X and One S. ITProPortal has come across several photos of what they believe are the two upcoming HTC smartphones. Curiously though, the handset in question appears identical in both sets of images, and the design here differs slightly — specifically around the earpiece — from what we saw yesterday in a purported press image of the HTC One X (codenamed Endeavor). Further, the shots match up nicely with a video we saw of the One S back when it was known under its "Ville" moniker, suggesting that these are indeed legitimate photos of at least one device HTC is rumored to announce on Sunday. Whatever the case may be, we expect to have a much clearer picture of the company's upcoming offerings when we're live from HTC's Mobile World Congress event on Sunday starting at 3PM ET / 9PM local time.