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HTC counting down to Sunday MWC announcement

HTC counting down to Sunday MWC announcement


HTC has posted Facebook images counting down to an announcement at Mobile World Congress on Sunday.

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HTC wants you to know it's announcing something on Sunday, but it's being coy about what exactly that is. Starting Wednesday, the company has been posting a five-day countdown, each image accompanied by an enigmatic caption. On Wednesday, it was "This Sunday you’ll discover something fast." Yesterday, we got "This Sunday you’ll hear something authentic." Today, "This Sunday you’ll see something iconic" showed up with the picture above.

There's little we can deduce from this except that we'll presumably be getting two more numbered captions before the announcement. At the event, it's possible we'll be seeing the HTC One X that was purportedly leaked yesterday, or maybe the One S or Ville. Until then, we're left wondering how something at a phone announcement can sound "authentic."

Update: Oh, HTC, you clever dog: if the countdown ends on Sunday, then the number we'll be seeing is 1. Get it?