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Asus Mobile World Congress teaser suggests colorful, playful devices

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A second teaser trailer from Asus hints that we'll see new devices that focus on color and playfulness at Mobile World Congress next week.

Asus MWC2012 teaser
Asus MWC2012 teaser

With Mobile World Congress almost here, Asus has released another teaser that only slightly hints at what we'll see from the company in Barcelona next week. Unlike yesterday's teaser, which hinted at tablets with enhanced screen resolution, the latest video is a bit less clear. Under the tagline "Red, white, and blue, what can we play?" the 16-second clip shows someone finger painting, followed by the line "colors in transformation, endless possibilities." We already know that Asus will be showing off new hardware at MWC, and this teaser suggests that its lineup will include a device that's offered in a wide range of colors, or possibly even a tablet focused on creative types. Of course, with the show kicking off on February 27th, we won't have to speculate for much longer.

Thanks, Lau!