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Google Chrome for Android beta gets update, The Verge finally looks right

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A minor update for the Android Chrome beta has been released, bringing with it slightly improved performance and the ability to finally load fonts on The Verge properly.

Chrome Beta Android (The Verge)
Chrome Beta Android (The Verge)

Google has quietly issued an update for the Android beta of its Chrome web browser, and while the changes are mostly small, one thing is clear — The Verge finally looks right, with all of the fonts loading properly thanks to proper TypeKit support. Many are reporting that the update has made the browser significantly faster and our initial hands-on saw a slight improvement in load times, as well as a definite improvement when it came to the speed at which tabs pop up after clicking the tab button. While new features like a full-screen mode and the ability to view full desktop versions of sites are in the works for this year, none appear to have been added in this minor update.