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T-Mobile USA announces HTC One S for spring launch

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T-Mobile USA has announced that it will carry HTC's new One S smartphone starting this spring.

HTC One S (T-Mobile) (EMBARGO)
HTC One S (T-Mobile) (EMBARGO)

While AT&T has landed the One X as an exclusive,T-Mobile USA says it'll be the first carrier in the US to launch the One X's thinner cousin, the One S. Like the AT&T-branded X, the S features a 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4, which should really scream since it's based on Qualcomm's new Krait architecture, but this phone opts for a smaller 4.3-inch AMOLED display at qHD resolution. The lower-res screen isn't without its reward: the One S is just 7.95mm thick, becoming T-Mobile's thinnest smartphone and a solid successor to last year's Sensation 4G and Amaze 4G. The phone will support T-Mobile's 42Mbps HSPA+ network, run on Android 4.0 with Sense 4 out of the box, and come with an 8-megapixel f/2 camera promising 0.7-second shutter and 0.2-second autofocus times. Pricing isn't yet announced, but look for it to be available this spring.