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Viewsonic announces ViewPhone 5e: a 5-inch, dual-SIM phone running Android 4.0

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Viewsonic has announced the ViewPhone 5e at MWC, a 5-inch handset with dual-SIM capabilities running Android 4.0.

Viewsonic Viewphone 5e
Viewsonic Viewphone 5e

As well as the ViewPhone 4S, Viewsonic has just announced the ViewPhone 5e, a 5-inch Android 4.0 handset with dual-SIM capabilities. The 5-inch display only has an 800x480 WVGA resolution, which means it won't win any prizes for pixel density, but Viewsonic promises that it delivers vivid and high-quality images. The handset also has space for two SIM cards, so it seems likely to be marketed to developing countries where having access to multiple networks can be a necessity. Sadly there aren't too many more details on the hardware just yet, with no word on the processor, RAM, or storage.

The ViewPhone 5e ships with Android 4.0, though the company has applied its own skin rather than sticking with the stock Google experience. Despite being announced today, the handset hasn't made it to MWC just yet, but we'll have a hands-on with the enormous handset as soon as it reaches Barcelona. Viewsonic's expecting to launch the Viewphone 5e in Q3 this year, with an expected MSRP below $599.

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