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ViewSonic ViewPhone 4s hands-on photos

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Hands-on with the ViewSonic ViewPhone 4s Android 4.0 dual-sim handset.

Gallery Photo: ViewSonic ViewPhone 4s hands-on photos
Gallery Photo: ViewSonic ViewPhone 4s hands-on photos

ViewSonic unveiled the world's first Ice Cream Sandwich dual-SIM smartphones today at Mobile World Congress 2012. The 3.5-inch ViewPhone 4s ships with a 1GHz processor, 5-megapixel rear camera and front facing VGA camera, all running on Android 4.0. ViewSonic has packed in a dual-SIM unit in the device, allowing users to select different voicecall and message ringtones per SIM while separating contacts and messages.

We got an early hands-on with the device today and although it wasn't running Android 4.0, ViewSonic has promised it will ship with it once it's available in Europe by June, with the 4s making its way to the US around August for "sub $499." Compare the ViewPhone 4s with the other handsets ViewSonic announced at Mobile World Congress today right here.