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Pew Research: social network users becoming more savvy with privacy settings

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New research shows that Facebook users are spending more time managing their online presence, and have become more adept at using privacy controls.

Facebook Windows Phone
Facebook Windows Phone

According to a new report from Pew Research, social network users are becoming increasingly involved in controlling their online presence. The report — which gathered data from 2,277 adults between April and May 2011 — claims that 63 percent of social network users have deleted friends from their list compared to 56 percent in 2009, while 44 percent have deleted comments and 37 percent have untagged themselves in photos. These numbers are higher for women, who are also more likely to make use of privacy settings: 67 percent of women have their profiles set to the highest restrictions possible compared to 48 percent of men. In spite of this though, and thanks in part to Facebook's increasingly "frictionless" sharing options, 11 percent of users have managed to post something that they ultimately regretted.