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Facebook's mobile platform drives 60 million users to apps and games each month

Facebook has released user numbers for its mobile service, four months after introducing the mobile application platform.

Facebook mobile social sharing apps
Facebook mobile social sharing apps

Four months on from launching its mobile sharing and single sign-on platform, Facebook has published some fairly impressive statistics showing how well it has taken off. Most striking is the growth in people accessing the social network through apps and mobile browsers, which has increased by more than 20 percent to 425 million users per month. On top of this, the mobile platform now generates 60 million users a month for games and applications that offer Facebook integration.

This wide adoption mirrors the success of the Open Graph service on the desktop — apps like Spotify have seen a huge amount of traffic from social integration, and Facebook says that mobile services like the Washington Post Social Reader, Foodspotting, BranchOut, and Diamond Dash have all seen similarly massive increases in user numbers. So while some of us might not find the sharing so frictionless, the numbers seem to show that the majority of users don't share these concerns.