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LG 'heavily in discussions' with Google to make next Nexus phone

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CNET reports that LG is "heavily in discussions" with Google to make the next Nexus device. The Nexus program produces the marquee product for the newest versions of Android.

LG Nexus One
LG Nexus One

Google's Nexus program produces the pinnacle of Android devices every year — they're always the first to get the latest version of the operating system and they follow strict Google guidelines. So far HTC, Motorola, and Samsung have had their turn with the program, and now LG is working to get in the game. Ramchan Woo, the leader of the company's smartphone division told CNET that "We're heavily in discussions" with Google to make the next Nexus phone. However, it's noted that no firm commitments have been made yet.

We still don't know much about the Nexus program itself, but Android chief Andy Rubin said last year that once a manufacturer is chosen, the teams from all involved companies come together and work in the same building for nine to twelve months to get the product developed and ready to be shipped. We've also heard rumors that LG was going to make a Nexus Google TV device, so maybe the company will have two marquee products for consumers soon enough. If Google were to choose LG to make the next Nexus phone, it would go a long way to stave off fears that Motorola Mobility would have an upper hand now that it's owned by the search giant. We haven't been bowled over by recent LG phones like the Spectrum and Nitro HD, but with winners like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus carrying the Nexus name, maybe the program will do good things for LG.