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LG says no Windows Phone devices at MWC

LG says no Windows Phone devices at MWC


In an interview with All Things D, LG has announced that it isn't bringing any new Windows Phone handsets to MWC this year.

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Despite rumors that LG would announce the Miracle, a Windows Phone 7 handset with NFC capabilities, the company has now said that it is focusing solely on Android at the Mobile World Congress this year. Speaking to AllThingsD, LG's smartphone unit leader Ramchan Woo said that sales of its Microsoft-powered handsets had been "slower-than-hoped-for," and that while the company is still developing Windows Phones, it currently has no release dates to reveal.

Woo placed some of Windows Phone's lack of traction on carriers, saying that some "are still figuring out how to sell Windows," while others see the OS as a "balance" to Android. The former has obviously been a concern to Microsoft, with the company using the "Smoked by Windows Phone" demos to train retail sales reps how to push the OS. As for MWC, it seems likely that Nokia's event tomorrow will be bringing the majority of Windows Phone-related news.