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Microsoft's Photosynth panorama app nearly ready for Windows Phone?

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Brazilian site Gemind reports that a Windows Phone version of Microsoft's Photosynth 3D panorama-stitching app is in testing.

photosynth logo
photosynth logo

Back in April of last year, iOS users got a native app for Microsoft's Photosynth photo-stitching service — an easy way to make your iPhone's camera record spherical "3D" panoramas. Unfortunately, the lack of a suitable low-level camera API in Windows Phone 7 prevented the app from being ported to that platform. Windows Phone Mango fixes these problems, but in the five months since its launch we still haven't heard anything about a native Photosynth app — until now. Brazilian site Gemind noticed some suspicious discussion on Twitter concerning "PhotosynthWP," which was reinforced when they spotted some panoramas on Microsoft's Photosynth site that appear to have been taken with an HTC HD7, an HTC Radar, a Samsung Focus, and a Lumia 800 — all Windows Phone handsets. We haven't heard anything from Microsoft yet, but if it takes five months from the Mango release to hear the first rumor, who knows when the final product will be available.

Thanks, Rodrigo!