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Apple working on both a dual-core A5X and quad-core A6?

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9to5Mac reports that references to two new SoCs are visible in the newest build of iOS 5.1, meaning that Apple may be working on both an A5X and A6 chip simultaneously.

a5x 560
a5x 560

As rumors keep swirling about whether Apple's planning a dual- or quad-core chip for its upcoming iPad 3, new reports suggest the company may actually be working on both. As we reported last week, the part number scheme used for Apple's A4 and A5 indicate that an A6 chip would likely have the number S5L8950X, and not the S5L8945X reported to be in the next-generation tablet. Well, 9to5Mac reports that the newest beta build of iOS 5.1 actually includes references to the 50X and 45X, supporting the idea that Apple is actually working on two new SoCs. Why do they need two? 9to5 speculates that Apple might have simply tested two chips before deciding which one to go with, or it could be planning to offer two tiers of processor in its next iPad. Could one of the chips be for the rumored 8-inch iPad? We'll have to wait till March to find out.