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Nokia Drive 3.0: first look at future features

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Hands-on with Nokia Drive 3.0, including a new commuter feature with live traffic information.

Nokia Drive 3.0 hands-on
Nokia Drive 3.0 hands-on

Nokia may have updated its Drive application to version 2.0 today, but the company isn't stopping there. Nokia is pushing ahead with future updates for Nokia Drive that it expects to deliver consistently over the coming months. We got a chance to look at an early version of Nokia Drive 3.0 today at Mobile World Congress, and in particular, a useful feature for commuters who drive to work.

Nokia's Michael Halbherr says the future version of Nokia Drive will learn commuters routes to offer them the best possible way to travel around cities. The video demonstration (below) shows how Nokia Drive will provide live driving instructions that automatically update based on traffic incidents, an impressive offering for a free application. Nokia isn't saying exactly when we can expect to see Drive 3.0, but its promise of regular updates makes us feel confident it isn't far away.