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Vimeo launches native iOS app, adds UI redesign and persistent watch later queue

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Vimeo's new updated iOS app adds a UI redesign and several new features including a persistent watch later list.

vimeo ios
vimeo ios

Having first launched its official iOS app early last year, Vimeo is now updating it to add some features that have made it to other platforms during the interim. The update syncs your subscriptions, watch later queue, and previously liked videos with the web client, making it easy to bookmark a video at your desk to watch when you get on the train, for instance. iPad users are also able to browse for videos in a separate pane while they're watching something.

The newly redesigned UI looks great, with cues that closely match Vimeo's redesigned website. For those that didn't grab the app the first time around, Vimeo's built-in video editor lets you cut together clips — either from your camera roll or directly from the onboard cameras, and now even import audio from Vimeo's music store. Add to that the update's improved UI and better integration between recording, editing, sharing, and watching, and Vimeo's iOS app starts looking more and more like the Instagram of iPhone video. Vimeo is a free download from the App Store.