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Nokia Transport for Windows Phone hands-on video

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Hands-on with Nokia's new Transport Windows Phone application.

Nokia Transport hands-on
Nokia Transport hands-on

Nokia announced its second new Windows Phone application at Mobile World Congress earlier today — Nokia Transport. Available on existing Symbian devices and new to Windows Phone, Transport provides easy access to underground, tram, suburban train, and bus directions in more than 500 cities in 45 countries.

We got a quick hands-on of the application today and it was clear that the app is near identical to its Symbian counterpart. Nokia Transport for Windows Phone includes mapping from Bing, and the ability to simply search for restaurants, hotels, or any point of interest. Designed for pedestrian use, Transport will fire off full details on the quickest way to reach a destination by foot and public transport. Although the application isn't available yet, Nokia says it will release it alongside its new Lumia 610 and Lumia 900 handsets.