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StorageBot helps makers find parts with voice controls

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One man has created a voice controlled robot to help him quickly find all of his screws, washers, and other parts.


When you spend a lot of time building things, you accumulate lots of stuff, and organizing that stuff can become a big problem. Danh Trinh decided to solve this problem in the only logical way — by building a voice-controlled robot to help him find all of his miscellaneous parts. StorageBot includes a master database that knows where every part is located, and can then follow a series of voice commands to locate the appropriate drawer and actually open it using a "computerized xyz motion system."

It's certainly an impressive creation, and as Trinh points out, the process of building one also involves a number of different skills, forcing you to deal with electronics, software, and mechanics. "It's not about building a StorageBot that's important," he explained, "but rather it's the skills we can learn from such projects that help to enrich our knowledge and inspire us to build the next great thing or start the next cool business."