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ZTE Orbit Windows Phone 'Tango' handset hands-on pictures

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Hands-on with ZTE's latest Orbit Windows Phone handset, running the "Tango" update.

Gallery Photo: ZTE Orbit hands-on pictures
Gallery Photo: ZTE Orbit hands-on pictures

Nokia isn't the only device manufacturer launching a Windows Phone Tango device at Mobile World Congress this week. ZTE unveiled its Orbit Windows Phone earlier today, a low-end device designed for markets like China. ZTE is shipping its 4-inch device with a 5-megapixel camera, 256MB of RAM, and 4GB of storage. A note at ZTE's Mobile World Congress stand claims that the device is running "Windows Phone 7 Tango II," one of the first official mentions by a manufacturer acknowledging the codename of Microsoft's latest update.

We took a look at the Orbit today at ZTE's booth today and were left unimpressed by the capacitive buttons on the device which required several taps before they fully activated. Windows Phone's interface suffered no slow downs despite the low specs, although features like Bing Scout and background agents are missing from these latest low-specification Windows Phone devices. ZTE isn't discussing pricing at the moment but the Orbit will land in Q2 2012.