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Corning: Gorilla Glass 2 on retail devices 'in April or May'

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Corning has said that the first products with Gorilla Glass 2 will ship "in April or May."

Gorilla Glass 2 stock (1020
Gorilla Glass 2 stock (1020

Corning announced earlier today that Gorilla Glass's thinner, more touch-sensitive replacement — Gorilla Glass 2 — is now shipping to manufacturers, and The Verge has now learned that the company expects the first Gorilla Glass 2-equipped devices to reach consumers "in April or May." It's unclear which products we'll see in that timeframe; Corning noted to us that both Acer and Asus have publicly mentioned that they're using it in future products, including on the Transformer Prime Infinity series launched at Mobile World Congress this week.

Could this mean that the Transformer Prime Infinity is set for launch before May's out, and Corning just spilled the beans? Asus hasn't announced availability yet — and obviously there are going to be many other Gorilla Glass 2 products in the works — but it's something to keep an eye on.