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FXI Cotton Candy redesigned in time for first shipments, still likely world's smallest PC

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FXI has redesigned its tiny Cotton Candy PC and placed it on pre-order for $199.

FXI Cotton Candy (MWC 2012)
FXI Cotton Candy (MWC 2012)

The specs haven't changed much since we last previewed FXI's pocketable Cotton Candy PC at CES in January, but the tiny plastic shell has gotten a mild refresh ahead of a preorder program announced this week. As a refresher, the Cotton Candy is a full-fledged computer running your choice of Android or Ubuntu in a package no bigger than a pack of gum — bolstered by a dual-core processor, Wi-Fi, and HDMI-out — and the new design adds a Micro USB port and dispenses of the original prototype's wild design for a more staid, white, rectangular look (though you've still got colored endcaps covering the HDMI and USB ports). It's available for pre-order now, and as promised, it's coming in under $200: $199, to be exact. Expect delivery in March.