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MIDI Fighter 3D brings motion controls to DJing

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A new controller from DJ Tech Tools replaces knobs and sliders with motion controls, for all your DJ needs.

MIDI Fighter 3D
MIDI Fighter 3D

Six years after Nintendo brought motion controls to gaming with the Wii, DJ Tech Tools is looking to do the same to music with the MIDI Fighter 3D. (Something the Wii briefly flirted with early on.) While the controller features 16 customizable RGB arcade buttons on the face and six buttons on the side, it also supports 3D motion tracking, letting you control sound by moving the controller as opposed to twisting a knob or tweaking a slider. DJ Tech says the controller supports "five degrees of movement" and that those movements are "easily mappable to any software." It should make for some exciting — and potentially dangerous — DJ battles, and the customizable blinking, multicolor lights for each button add yet another layer to the visual part of the performance. DJ Tech Tools will be selling the MIDI Fighter 3D for $249 soon through its website, as well as "a few exclusive retail locations around the globe" — if you want to nab one for yourself, you can reserve the controller here.