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Windows Phone app Good lets enterprise users bring-your-own-device to work

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Good has just announced that its enterprise app for Windows Phones will be available in Q2 2012 on a "wide range" of devices running version 7.5 of the OS. The standalone app that offers email, contacts, and calendar functions that are all protected by AES-192 encryption.

Good for Windows Phone (Photoshop)
Good for Windows Phone (Photoshop)

Windows Phone is already a enterprise-friendly mobile operating system thanks to built-in support for Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync, but your IT department might be glad to hear that Good's password-protected email, calendar, and contact app will soon support Microsoft's smartphone OS. Good already has apps for iPhone, Android, Symbian, and others that allow enterprises to let their employees bring-their-own devices and use one phone for both work and play. The company's new Windows Phone offering supports AES-192 encryption and — thankfully — push notifications. Features that are sure to get your IT guy's heart rate going are the ability to remotely wipe and manage phones and an option to set up rules that prevent users from copying and pasting out of the secure Good for Enterprise environment. Good says that its app will be available on a "wide range" of Windows Phone 7.5 devices when it launches in early in Q2. Our only question is, will the app make it safe to bring your phone to China?