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AMD expands current Bulldozer FX CPU family, cuts price of FX-8150

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AMD announced two Bulldozer desktop processors today, the six-core FX-6200 and the quad-core FX-4170, along with an $80 price cut to its high-end FX-8150.

amd fx logo
amd fx logo

Even though AMD said it's shifting its focus to the mobile market, the company continues its march in the x86 world with the launch of two new desktop Bulldozer chips. The mid-range FX-6200 is a six-core chip clocked at 3.8GHz with a 4.1GHz turbo mode, while its low-end quad-core sibling, the previously-announced FX-4170, comes in at 4.2GHz with a 4.3GHz turbo mode — AMD's fastest clocked Bulldozer processor. These two chips slide in above the FX-6100 and FX-B4150, respectively, and offer modest speed improvements at the cost of drawing more power with a 125W TDP. We don't have any details on pricing, and there's no word on availability as AMD is staggering the chips' release. But if you don't feel like waiting, AMD also reduced the price of its top-of-the-line Bulldozer processor, the eight-core FX-8150, from $245 to $185. At that price, it makes the chip a little more competitive against the $240 Intel Core i5-2500K, but if you're thinking of building your own gaming rig on a tight budget, you may get better bang for your buck from the $190 Core i5-2400.