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Dell exploring ARM options, systems have been in its labs 'for over a year'

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Dell has made it clear in recent weeks that it has been actively exploring using ARM processors in its product line, with prototypes existing in its labs for over a year.

Dell Logo
Dell Logo

Dell recently made it clear that it was going to be focusing primarily on the enterprise moving forward, and that it no longer considered itself a PC company. Part of that shift may also include a move to ARM processors. Forbes reports that the general manager for Dell's server business, Forrest Norrod, said on Monday that the company has been exploring ARM options for over a year, and that "if that's what our customers demand that's what we'll offer." The comments come just a week after CEO Michael Dell expressed similar sentiments on the company's fourth-quarter earnings call. Dell noted that the company was excited about the opportunities ARM processors would offer in conjunction with Windows 8 and multitouch displays, as well as in the company's server products, though some outstanding software issues still remain with the latter.

Dell's not the only company that's been exploring a move away from Intel in its servers; last year HP confirmed its "Project Moonshot" initiative, which also utilized ARM chips. Of course, with both Norrod and Dell expressing such similar sentiments, there's always the possibility that the company is seeking leverage in its dealings with AMD and Intel. In any case, as was made clear yesterday, the Dell of tomorrow will be very different from the company we knew 10 years ago.