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Shazam update to introduce Android Beam sharing

Shazam will update its Android app in the coming weeks to add Android Beam sharing and quicker song tagging.

shazam android beam
shazam android beam

If you've been hoping for some more apps that take advantage of Ice Cream Sandwich's features, you're in luck. Shazam, the app that listens to a snippet of a song and tells you what it is, showed off an updated version at Mobile World Congress this week that uses Android Beam to share content between devices. Two Android 4.0 users with near-field communication equipped phones will be able to share favorite tags, music samples, coupons, and tour dates, among other bits of info. So after tagging a bunch of songs, you can share them with a friend, and if the recipient doesn't have Shazam installed, Android Beam will point them to the Market to grab the app. Shazam says the app will be available "within the coming weeks," and it also introduces faster song tagging. If you want to try out third-party Android Beam right now, Foursquare added the feature to its Android app a few weeks ago. Of course, this is all contingent on being able to get a couple Galaxy Nexuses together, which isn't necessarily an easy feat.