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Nascar driver Brad Keselowski tweets images from behind the wheel

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Nascar driver Brad Keselowski tweeted photos from behind the wheel during yesterday's Daytona 500.

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With 40 laps to the end of yesterday's Daytona 500, driver Brad Keselowski found himself behind an accident involving a a maintenance truck and several other cars. Keselowski decided that he had enough time between dodging his opponents to pull out his iPhone, snap a photo of the flaming cars up ahead, and upload it to Twitter with the comment "Fire! My view." While some sports have frowned upon the use of social media during events, Nascar is known to encourage its drivers to use Twitter to engage with fans, although tweeting from behind the wheel is probably not what the sport's directors had in mind.

Keselowski's tweets continued throughout the race, with him posting more images of the flaming jetdryer truck as he passed it further on. He went on to finish 35th having been involved in an accident later in the race, but he might still consider the event a victory: he gained over 100,000 followers on Twitter in the process.