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Cross-platform ChatOn messaging app now available on the web

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The cross-platform mobile messaging service ChatOn is now available as a browser-based app.

ChatON iPhone
ChatON iPhone

Samsung's messaging app ChatOn is already available on a number of mobile platforms, including Android, Bada, and iOS, and now the service has launched for the web. Just like its mobile counterparts — and competitive services like WhatsApp — the browser version of ChatOn lets you send short messages to other users, as well as hop into group chats and exchange pictures, videos, and other media. There's also a buddy ranking system that shows who you interact with the most and, more importantly, you can link the web service to your mobile account so that you can keep conversations going no matter which device you're on. Samsung is expected to continue to expand the platforms supported by ChatOn, with both BlackBerry and Windows Phone listed as coming "soon."