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Knowhow on-demand streaming service launching March 1st in UK

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UK retailers Currys and PC World have announced that on-demand streaming service Knowhow Movies will be launching this thursday.

Knowhow Movies
Knowhow Movies

UK retailers Currys and PC World have announced that their streaming service Knowhow Movies will be launching on March 1st. Previously revealed earlier this month with little in the way of details, we now know that Knowhow will be an on-demand service that won't require a subscription. Users can both buy and rent films, with new releases going for £3.99 to rent and £12.99 to buy, while older titles can be rented for £2.99 and bought for prices starting at £5.99. There was less detail when it comes to TV, with the companies saying that episodes start at £1.99 — but whether that's to rent or buy is unclear.

A list of available content hasn't been revealed yet, but Disney, Warner Bros, and Momentum Pictures are already on board, with additional studios "being added imminently." Knowhow is also differentiating itself from Netflix with more timely releases, with new films and shows being added to the service "as soon as they become available." While pitched as a cross-platform service, Knowhow will only be available on PC and Mac at launch, while support for iOS, Android, and as-yet-unspecified smart TVs and game consoles will roll out within the next six months, with users able to access content on up to five devices.

Whether or not it's enough to compete in an already crowded streaming marketplace remains to be seen, but Knowhow does have at least one advantage — connected devices sold at Currys and PC World locations will have Knowhow pre-installed, with store staff pushing the service to new buyers.