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MOG music subscription service for sale, says CNET (update: MOG CEO says it isn't)

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Streaming music company MOG may be up for sale, sources have told CNET.

MOG Music
MOG Music

Subscription-based music company MOG may be looking to quietly fade away. According to CNET, numerous sources from the digital music industry have been approached about their interest in buying out the company. In response, MOG told CNET that "we're constantly speaking with companies and looking for the best opportunity for our business and our shareholders. We don't comment on the specifics of those conversations."

Founded in 2005, MOG operates on a similar model to Spotify, with a free limited service and various tiers of subscriptions. However, without the size or high profile of Rhapsody, Rdio, or Spotify, the service may be struggling in a market crowded with alternatives. Without official comment from MOG, however, it's difficult to say whether it's actually looking to be bought out.

Update: Reuters is reporting that MOG isn't actually up for sale. As MOG CEO David Hyman tells Reuters, "we're not actively trying to sell this business. The Facebook integration has been fantastic for us but as we're not yet profitable we're always engaged in conversations with our shareholders about all possible options."