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Windows 8 Consumer Preview wallpapers leak ahead of grand debut

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Wallpapers from the Windows 8 Consumer Preview leak before a public outing by Microsoft.

Windows 8 betta fish
Windows 8 betta fish

Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system takes to the stage today at Mobile World Congress for its Consumer Preview grand unveil. We are just a few hours away from seeing the final beta copy of Windows 8 and we've got an early glimpse at the wallpapers available in the Consumer Preview. Six wallpapers have been leaked, including a Metro style version of the popular Windows 7 betta fish. Other highlights include some floral shots and a few different photos of various islands.

Some of Microsoft's Windows 8 lock screens were also made available to download today, showing off the built-in images that Windows 8 Consumer Preview users will see when they login to the operating system. Overall this isn't a major leak but it comes hours before Microsoft prepares to show the world its reimagined Windows. We will be live blogging the Windows 8 Consumer Preview event, stay tuned for more information on that.